Walter Moberly Elementary

Walter Moberly Elementary

1000 59th Ave E
Vancouver, BC, V5X1Y7
Phone: 604 713-4784
Fax: 604 713-4786

Grade levels:

K - 7

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Catchment Area

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Year 2010-11 2011-12 Projected 2014-15 Working Capacity 2011-12
enrollment 515 490 398 670

Current Year (2011-12) Enrollment Breakdown:

  • Students in Regular Programs: 478
  • Students in District Programs : 14

Where do the students live?

2011-12 Enrollment (Regular and District Programs)

incoming students

District - Special Education

Extended Learning Assistance (ELAC)

Extended Learning Assistance Classes (ELAC) offer an elementary program emphasizing diagnostic and prescriptive teaching for students identified as learning disabled.

Community School

Community Schools Team

The central purpose of the Community Schools Team (CST) is to provide programming and interventions for children and youth in three streams: academic support, social-emotional functioning, and community connectedness and engagement. Each team includes a Community Schools Coordinator, Teacher, Youth and Family Worker and Activity Programmer(s). These teams of professionals work in one or more “families of schools”, that is secondary school and its neighbouring elementary schools, to deliver in-school and out-of-school time programs and services. The CSTs offer a variety of programming including targeted small groups, universal access programs, and some large scale special events.

Out of School Time (OST) Programming

The Community Schools Team offers a variety of Out of School Time Programming after school, during school breaks, and sometimes before school and at lunch hour. Programming is available to students enrolled in this school. To find out more about social-recreational, sport, academic, or general interest programming you can register for contact the Community Schools Coordinator at your school.

Community Run

Outreach Program (Adult Education)

The Elementary Outreach programs are held in elementary schools and used by parents/grandparents, usually of new immigrants. The participants use the programs of English and IT Foundations courses to learn/upgrade their skills in these areas.

Early Learning


Vancouver has 18 StrongStart Early Learning Centres operating in elementary schools. This program is offered to parents and caregivers with children ages zero – five years. There is no cost to families but the parent/caregiver is required to remain with their child and participate in the program. It is not necessary to have English as a first language to attend the drop in programs.

Child Care

  • Preschool - Discovery Day Preschool

Age of Facility

Built in: 1911

Note: The age of the facility is based on the date which the first block or section of a school was opened.

Heritage Ranking

Heritage Ranking: 17 (out of 25)
Heritage values are taken from the report "Vancouver Schools: Establishing Their Heritage Value (revised March 2008). A score out of 25 is based upon four categories: Aesthetic & Functional Value (out of 10), Educational Value (out of 5), Historical Value (out of 5), Social Value (out of 5).
Heritage Ranking - Category A: 6 (out of 10)

Heritage values are taken from the report "Vancouver Schools: Establishing Their Heritage Value (revised March 2008). This is the score a building received on Category A of the scale and reflects the aesthetic and functional value of a building. The maximum score is 10.

Seismic – Comprehensive Audit

School Identified as part of 2011 Comprehensive Audit: No

School Identified as part of 2011 Comprehensive Audit (In September 2011 a Comprehensive Assessment of Vancouver School Buildings was completed. If a school was included in this audit it means that it has at least one block/section which is rated as being H1 (most vulnerable structure at highest risk for widespread damage or structural failure in the event of an earthquake. Estimate based on September 2011 costing.)


  • Scheduled Seismic Projects/New School Projects: None
  • Completed Projects since 1996:
    Seismic upgrade completed 2003 / 2009.


School Capacity September 2011: 670


Year 2010-11 2011-12 Projected 2014-15
enrollment 515 490 398

# of Staff (as of November 8, 2012)

  • Admin: 2
  • IUOE Building Engineers: 2
  • IUOE Head Custodian: 0
  • IUOE Custodians: 0
  • IUOE Supervision Aides: 4
  • IUOE Cafeteria Workers: 0
  • IUOE Maintenance Engineer: 0
  • IUOE Steady Part Time: 1
  • PASA: 0
  • Teacher (District): 0
  • Teacher: 29
  • Cupe 15 (Student Support Workers/Office Staff): 17


Contact Us

Principal: Patti Plottel
Vice Principal(s): Henry Au
OAA/Office: Kalwant (Kelly) Sumal

District Contact: Mark Pearmain
Community School Team Coordinator: Chris Fuoco
Trustee: Ken Denike
PAC Chair: Kulbinder Thandi

1000 59th Ave E
Vancouver, BC, V5X1Y7
Phone: 604 713-4784
Fax: 604 713-4786